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Support Customers requesting assistance

For customers who are pregnant or undergoing medical treatment:

If you are pregnant or undergoing medical treatment due to illness or injury, please inform the reservation center when making your reservation or during boarding procedures at the counter. (TEL: 099-225-1551)

Depending on the weather conditions (meteorological and sea conditions) on the day of boarding or your physical condition, there may be cases where you are unable to board.

Please note that there are no doctors, nurses, or medical facilities on board. Depending on the route, there may be long voyages to the next port of call, and you may not be able to disembark even if you are feeling unwell or for other reasons. Please be aware of this in advance.

For women in pregnancy, please fill out a consent form at the ticket counter during boarding procedures, so please inform the counter staff.

For customers undergoing medical treatment, we may require a medical certificate from your doctor or the presence of a caregiver. If you need to board with a caregiver or medical equipment such as a medical vehicle or stretcher, please contact the reservation center in advance.

For customers with mobility impairments

Boarding and disembarkation assistance

We offer a shuttle service "Welfare Vehicles" to assist customers with physical disabilities between the waiting area and the ship. <br>※Please note that boarding assistance is not available at Kagoshima Shinko Port Terminal since there is boarding bridge.

Please understand the following before making a reservation.
・There is a limit to the number of people who can use this service, so please refrain from using it if you have a lot of luggage or other reasons.
・In the case that there are many people using boarding assistance, the accompanying person may not be able to board the shuttle vehicle(unless the Company's staff considers it necessary for the accompanying person to do so).

For Advance Reservations:

To request assistance, please call our reservation center or visit the boarding port counter by the day before your voyage. If you use a wheelchair or similar mobility aid, please inform us.

Reservation Center Kagoshima


Weekdays 08: 30 ~ 17: 00

Saturday 08: 30-12: 00

Sundays and Public Holidays: Closed

Mirairo ID

Marix Line accepts the "Mirairo ID" disability certificate app.

Learn more here

For customers using wheelchairs

Nursing care vehicle(Slope type)The
Introduced as a boarding/disembarking assistance vehicle

At Marix Line, when boarding a ferry, we have introduced a nursing care vehicle with a ramp that allows passengers to board and disembark from the ferry while in a wheelchair.

About Reservations for Embarkation and Disembarkation
(Advance Reservations by phone and at the Counter

We will confirm whether the wheelchair is electric or manual, the size of the wheelchair, and whether the passenger will be accompanied by an escort or not.
Since this route is a long voyage, we recommend that you board the ship with an escort to ensure your safety and comfort. We provide wheelchair-accessible vehicles for embarkation and disembarkation, but please let us know if you have your own nursing care cab or other means of transportation.
(Depending on the port and situation, a regular passenger car may be used instead of a nursing care vehicle to assist passengers boarding and disembarking the ship.)

During boarding procedures
(Boarding counter

If you wish to board the ship using "boarding/disembarkation assistance" or "nursing care taxi", please apply at the counter.

Boarding and disembarking using a boarding and disembarking assistance vehicle

  • Boarding assistance Passengers will be guided to the assistance vehicle at the car stop of the Passenger Waiting Area.
    After boarding the assistance vehicle, passengers will be guided to the onboard information desk via elevator.
  • Disembarkation assistance We will meet you at the ship's information desk and guide you to the boarding and disembarking area for vehicles on the ship using the elevator.
    After boarding the assistance vehicle, we will guide you to the vehicle parking area in the passenger waiting room.

(Reference) Specifications of nursing care vehicles

Please check the dimensions of your wheelchair in advance, and if you are unable to use the assistance vehicle, please prepare your own welfare cab or other vehicle. We ask that all passengers who wish to use a care cab or an assistance vehicle complete necessary procedures at least one hour prior to the departure time of each port, and wait for boarding.
Note) Please note that due to cargo handling circumstances, it may take time to board and disembark the ship.

Nursing care vehicle dimensions
(as published by Honda/see image)
slope width 70cm
opening height 125cm
Approximate wheelchair size
(recommended by Honda)
wheelchair width 70cm or less
Length 112.8cm or less
高 さ 124.7cm or less
Inboard elevator dimensions
Entrance width Queen coral cross 80cm
Queen Coral Plus 90cm
Depth Queen coral cross 140cm
Queen Coral Plus 272.5cm

Boarding and disembarking with a passenger in a care cab or manned vehicle

When boarding/disembarking the ship, we will inform the driver of the nursing care taxi and manned vehicle of the timing to enter the ship after confirming safety.
We will ensure safety and provide guidance for the boarding and disembarking route and timing.

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