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Mifune-in Meguri Project

Original "Mifune Seal"
On sale from April 2021, 4!

Mifune-in is a boat version of Goshuin, which is collected by visiting shrines and temples.

Participate in the ``Goshuin Meguri Project,'' where you collect goshuin stamps by boarding ships from all over Japan, and enjoy a cruise.

Original Mifune Seal Size: Height 150mm x Width 100mm/Material: Vosho paper

Official Mifune seal book

How to request Mifune Seal

■Sales location: Queen Coral Plus, Queen Coral Cross each onboard shop
■Sales hours: During business hours of each onboard shop
(Business hours may change due to stormy weather, etc., so please check the opening hours of the onboard shop after boarding the ship.)
■Sales price: 1 Mifune seal 330 yen (tax included) / 1 official Mifune seal book 1,980 yen (tax included)

“Mifune-in Meguri Project”

About the Mifune Seal Master System

Mifunein participating company list